Here are some of the historic accomplishments leading to the development of The iF Foundation and our mission to create sustainable economic opportunities for the disadvantaged in the developing countries of the world, enabling and empowering the people living in these communities to create their own pathway out of poverty.


The Iovino Family Foundation was founded in 2002. From 2002 – 2007, The Iovino Family Foundation awards grants to a number of domestic organizations.

2007 – 2012

In January of 2007 the Rev. James E. Byrum was hired as the first Managing Director of the Iovino Family Foundation and led the Foundation in its first international development ventures. During this time, several partnerships were formed with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Bangladesh, Haiti, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Ethiopia, The Sudan, Zambia and Ghana with the mission of preventing disease and illness caused by the lack of clean, potable water.
Within just ten months of working in the impoverished communities of these developing countries, the Iovino Family Foundation realized that the poor also lack many other basic necessities and decided to broaden its vision to include projects aimed at child welfare, education, healthcare, environmental preservation and micro-finance banking. In order to make the biggest impact possible, efforts would be focused on one country. Two rural areas in northern Haiti, Thibeau and Dubre were chosen. Edlyne Cange and Jean Magnus Regis, two local Haitians and graduates of the Georgetown University CASS Program were hired as the Country Directors to lead the Foundation’s efforts in Haiti. As the opportunities and our commitment to our work in Haiti grew, our knowledge of the people and their circumstances also grew. There are virtually no employers or jobs available to support and sustain families in rural communities in the developing countries of the world, making it nearly impossible for the poor to make a decent living for oneself and one’s family.

2012 – 2013

The Foundation celebrates its tenth anniversary. The main focus in Haiti is the development and execution of Haitian Pride Poultry and the Haitian Pride Breakfast Program at Saint Joseph’s School in Dubre. Due to the generous support of donors, the Haitian Pride Breakfast Program expands to include 6 schools in northern Haiti. After 7 years of loyal service to the Foundation, Rev. James E. Byrum announces his retirement. David Doherty joins the Foundation as the new Managing Director to lead the implementation of the organization’s large-scale agricultural program in Northern Haiti.
In July 2013, the iF Foundation is incorporated in the state of New York as a new entity and receives public charity status from the IRS. The Iovino Family Foundation is a major contributor, financially and strategically to the new public charity.

2014 and 2015

The Breakfast Program expands to 7 schools, serving over 1,500 children a nutritious breakfast every day before school.
The organization continues to support an innovative, multi-faceted agricultural program in northern Haiti to address food insecurity in the Grison-Garde – Thibeau-Dubre-Coronel corridor.