The iF Foundation is a 501C3 public charity governed by an independent board of directors. Tom Iovino, Founder and CEO of the iF Foundation has always had a passion and a desire to create sustainable economic opportunities for the disadvantaged in the developing countries of the world. The iF Foundation believes that charity is not the answer and that the disadvantaged seek dignity, not dependence. The organization’s entrepreneurial approach to solving global poverty is giving philanthropists an opportunity to help create sustainable economic opportunities for the disadvantaged while transforming communities.

Annual Message from Our Founder

The journey that started a decade ago in New York has now become a lifelong commitment of empowering families in rural Haiti to create their own pathway out of poverty. In 2002 when the
Iovino Family Foundation was created, I had no idea that during the next 10 years we would evolve into the iF Foundation, an international non-profit organization with a focus on global economic development.

Today, we are working with small landholders to improve agricultural practices, increase crop yields and make farming more profitable. With 60 percent of Haitians relying on agriculture to feed their families, a revitalized farm sector is critical for long-term growth. Cut off from access to training and technical assistance Haitian farmers often lack basic knowledge of techniques that would help them transition from subsistence farming to earning a living wage. Giving farmers access to better-quality seeds and fertilizer are simple steps that have tremendous impact. Crop diversification reduces risk by eliminating reliance on one or two crops and creates new sources of revenue. We are also addressing the need to develop local market linkages, helping farmers maximize their earning potential and building transparency into the buying and selling of agricultural products. We are engaging farmers in a way that will have a lasting, direct impact on families and livelihoods.

As we move into a new decade of creating a brighter future for farmers and entire communities we are firmly committed to supporting smallholder farmers as the most effective way to stimulate economic development and reduce poverty.

By developing and diversifying promising sectors we can create a brighter future for farmers and entire communities. Join us as we implement our compelling vision for change and alleviate the root causes of global poverty.

photo Tom Iovino
Thomas Iovino
Founder and CEO
The iF Foundation