We are connected

The Byrum family has had two cats, for over a decade.  Vinnie, who we got though the animal shelter as a kitten, and Squeaker who we took in when an elderly woman in a neighboring church had to go into a nursing home and could not take her beloved cat with her.  Vinnie was 14 and loved going out at night into the woods that surround our house,  coming back in the next morning to eat of course!  Squeaker was 17.  Both cats were the center of much of our family life, as those of you with pets can understand.

A week ago Squeaker passed away very peacefully; being stroked by Dorothy on the bed.  It was a beautiful death. Only a week later, we found Vinnie in the basement.  He had passed away.  Neither cat was sick and neither suffered, for which I am grateful.  I cannot help but think that Vinnie’s death was due to losing his pal Squeaker.  We knew early on that Vinnie had a heart murmur issue and were surprised he lived as long as he did.  I cannot help but think that Vinnie’s ”broken heart” caused his biological heart to  finally give up, rather than it just being a coincidence that they died within days of each other.

It is amazing how connected we are to each other.  The sad thing is that many times people ignore their connectedness and live apart even from those they love.  One of my favorite sayings from the Bible is:  “When one member of the body suffers all suffer together. and when one member of the body rejoices we all rejoice together”  Now I know we all have to deal with our own problems in life.  But at the same time we all can reach out and help someone in need. Helping others is at the core and essence of what it means to be human.  Sacrificing for others  is what gives life meaning and inner joy and peace, to help those in need.

The iF Foundation is excited about our new chicken business in Haiti.  We believe that chicken and eggs, and feeding a breakfast to Haitian school children is going to be a great success.  We believe that we can make a small dent in the monopoly that the Dominican Republic has in the poultry business in Haiti.  We know we are going to create jobs, and help Haitian families have a better life.  I hope you might consider helping us make this dream become possible. 

Vinnie and Squeaker would be pleased.

Fr. B

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  1. Connie Gillies July 30, 2012 at 9:56 am #

    So sorry to hear about Vinnie and Squeaker! I remember hearing you share stories about Vinnie. You would weave his adventures (and one time I believe a return from a long adventure) in and out of scripture in a way each little child seated on the floor of the center aisle could relate to and comprehend with an empathetic heart and mind. Only fitting that Vinnie would join Squeaker and so often this happens with animals and couples who were in love. What a connection!

    On the bright side…

    Feeding breakfast to Haitian children sounds wonderful! What a fantastic way to connect with these children and families. Breakfast is “breaking” a “fast” and the only way children can learn is if they are filled with fuel to ignite those synapses in the brain after what I imagine is a much longer and more significant “fast” than any of us could imagine.

    Thanks for connecting! Keep up the great work!

    Peace be with you, Father Byrum!

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