Prestigious Penn Vet Inspiration Award Presented to Nikki Wright and Lisa Gretebeck

Nikki Wright and Lisa Gretebeck, both veterinary students at the University of Pennsylvania and iF Foundation volunteers, received the Penn Vet Inspiration Award enabling them to begin implementation of phase one of their visionary work in Thibeau, Haiti.

Together, Nikki and Lisa have created AMAR Haiti, a non-profit organization, providing sustainable animal husbandry training and resources to impoverished families living in rural Haiti.

Nikki and Lisa are working with the iF Foundation, in the community of Thibeau, a rural part of northern Haiti without access to running water or electricity, with the goal of establishing a Goat Cooperative Breeding Program with an education curriculum and a goat micro-lending program.

AMAR Haiti will provide families with goat production training and resources empowering them to take on the role of skilled animal and public health community leaders. The goal is for the families to cooperatively own and manage the goat business and to be able to train subsequent families propagating the program and ensuring its sustainability.

The name AMAR comes from the vet students’ first goat micro-lending program in rural India developed to benefit a group of widowed women who chose to name their program AMAR, which means “never ending cycle”.

The AMAR Haiti goat program will support financial independence, provide a sustainable source of nutrition, improve Haitian goat genetics, and eventually become a unique training opportunity for veterinary students. Hopefully, their participation will inspire and equip them to seed additional AMAR projects in other parts of Haiti and throughout the developing world.

The iF Foundation is proud to collaborate with Nikki and Lisa on this amazing project.