Poultry Farm Coming to Thibeau, Haiti

Broilers and layers will soon be arriving in Thibeau. The iF Foundation is collaborating with experts in the poultry field to help bring chicken and eggs to rural Haiti. Most of the chicken and eggs consumed in Haiti is imported from the Dominican Republic. This directly impacts the local economy and availability of chicken and eggs in rural communi¬ties. In a continued commitment to create jobs for local farming families the iF Foundation is developing a small scale poultry farm in Thibeau. The farm is still in the development stage, but promises to provide jobs for families while strengthening the local economy and providing a good source of protein. The poultry farm plans to start with four flocks of broilers and one flock of layers per year and anticipates generating a modest but steady profit. The eggs from the poultry farm will be used to implement a breakfast program for children within the community and additional eggs will be sold at market. The chickens will be sold fresh at market. In the months ahead the iF Foundation will bring you more details on this exciting new venture including photos from the field, volunteer participation and collabora¬tive efforts making the dream of a poultry farm for Thibeau a reality.