Job Creation and Education

Although the 2 poultry sites only directly employ a handful of workers (2 farm managers at each site and staff to clean birds for delivery) businesses have been springing up all along the road.

The four trained poultry farmers, Claude, Enan, Antonio and Rony, are all able to better support their families due to a reliable source of income.  Despite the relatively short employment period of the individuals who clean the birds, this job has generated enough income for them to purchase uniforms for their children so that they can attend school.  It proves that even the smallest opportunity creates significant change in the lives of these rural families.

Apart from those directly employed, there are many others who are benefiting from the existence of the poultry farm.  Since posting the cover story “value added jobs bring hope to local community” an additional egg sandwich shop has opened bringing more demand for fresh eggs.   It is named after the cook “Kay Toon” or “House of Toon” (pictured in the cover photo with her daughter).  The added income from this roadside shop is essential to care for their family and send their children to school.  Another woman in the community set up a fried chicken stand further down the road that only operates when she can obtain fresh, local Haitian Pride chicken.  Her customers are continually satisfied by the high quality of her chicken.

Similarly, the breakfast program is not only providing children with nutritious breakfasts and a handful of jobs necessary for cooking and managing the breakfast.  The impact extends beyond those the program was created to directly affect.  Two contracts have been made with local bakeries to supply bread for the egg sandwiches.  Each bakery is responsible for supplying the program with bread once per week and they are guaranteed to have a consistent customer with the iF Foundation.  The one bakery is run by a family of men who have faced a continual stream of misfortune.  At the age of 32, one of the sons is finally able to go to trade school in order to better provide for his family.  It is due to the contract with the Haitian Pride Breakfast program that he is able to accomplish this long awaited dream.

Fresh baked bread for the egg sandwiches

The impact of Haitian Pride Poultry within the community continues to spread beyond what we could have imagined.  The name of the poultry project, Haitian Pride, encompasses the true grasp of this project; a community that is proud of their accomplishments and has a new found hope for the future.