Innovative Agricultural Program to be Implemented in Northern Haiti

The iF Foundation is proud to announce the development and implementation of an innovative large scale agricultural program led by David Doherty, iF Foundation’s new Managing Director. The program is designed to improve environmental, agricultural and economic conditions in the north of Haiti. The Foundation will hire and train ten on the ground staff who will be proficient in grafting and mini-setting. Staff will then be able to teach and work alongside local farmers training them in improved agricultural methods. A full technical center complete with a nursery will be constructed. The Foundation’s nursery will grow and distribute mandarin, avocado and mango trees to the first group of 100 farmers, who will be planting on 50 hectares of land. In addition, sigatoka-resistant plantain plantlets will be purchased from ORE in the south of Haiti and distributed to participating farmers. The project will include hands-on training and farm credit for farmers designed to increase crop yields and income, produce nutritionally rich foods, and to protect the environment. The Foundation will also be working with the farmers to establish markets for their crops. It is our goal to transform the region by working with local farmers to provide them with the tools and resources they need to be successful. The Foundation will provide interest free farm credit to pay for planting costs, which will be repaid at harvest time. Join us on-line to receive updates on the implementation and progress of this exciting new program.