High Value Fruit Trees


grafting to produce commercial quality trees

Throughout Haiti, low quality fruit trees are frequently cut down and used for making charcoal for cooking. These fruit trees have no financial value to local farmers and the cutting down of these trees is a major contributor to deforestation. The iF Foundation is introducing high-value grafted fruit trees like mandarin, mango and avocado in our nursery. This nursery is located at the organization’s technical center in Coronel. Using this approach, large quantities of commercial seedlings are produced in nine months. These are then distributed to farmers for planting in the field. Transforming low quality fruit trees by top grafting is a great way to protect the environment and generate a much-needed income. Top grafting is the technique used to transform existing low-quality fruit trees, by pruning them and then grafting commercial varieties onto them. In normal years, these grafted branches will start producing export-grade fruit in the next year.