Haitian Pride Broilers sold in Record Time

Thanks to the hard work of Edlyne, Magnus and Tiben, iF Foundation on the ground staff in Haiti, the entire flock of broilers sold ahead of schedule.

The main challenges for Haitians include lack of work opportunity, lack of locally grown and produced food and therefore the inability to create a strong, stable, local economy. Haiti imports approximately 12.5 million chickens annually, (90% processed and then frozen) from the Dominican Republic. Haitian Pride Poultry is now offering a fresh, locally grown product at a competitive price.

Haitian Pride Poultry started with a flock of 102 birds, losing only 3 birds to mortality. The birds sold for an average of $5.70 per bird and weighed an average of 5.5 pounds each. Haitian Pride sold to about 30 customers including JM Restaurant near Thibeau, the rectories in Thibeau, Milot, Robillard, and Cap-Haitian, the Archbishop, individual customers and a restaurant in Cap-Haitian and a few people around Coronel.

The restaurant owner in Cap Haitien actually approached the Haitian Pride sales team while they were at market selling the locally grown, fresh birds. The restaurant owner bought 40 birds from Haitian Pride explaining that his restaurant makes and sells, “pica pollo”; a KFC style fried chicken which is very popular.

By the end of the week, many customers who wanted to purchase local birds for the weekend were disappointed because Haitian Pride Poultry was sold out! News is spreading throughout the communities that if you want to purchase fresh, locally grown broilers you must pre-order chickens, securing your purchase.

Our country director, Edlyne told us that the community is elated that chickens and eggs are now being raised and sold locally, creating “Haitian Pride”. We anticipate a bright future for Haitian Pride Poultry and look towards doing our part in creating economic independence in northern Haiti and providing much needed job opportunity to local Haitians.

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