FarmTek Fall Photo Contest Winners!

It is no secret that the iF Foundation’s Director of Development, Eileen Spencer, is an extremely talented photographer. The majority of the photographs used for the iF Foundation’s website and publications were taken by Eileen during her trips to the various iF Foundation project sites. She has a way of capturing photos that tell the story of the projects and their impact on the local people and community.

In early November, we submitted a few of Eileen’s pictures of the Haitian Pride Poultry Farm to a photo contest. This photo contest was run by FarmTek, the farm equipment supplier from whom we purchased our poultry equipment. We carefully chose several photographs of the metal nests in use in Larevoie, Haiti, along with a short description of the poultry project.

I am proud to announce that Eileen’s photos were the grand prize winners. Congratulations Eileen and thank you FarmTek!
Read FarmTek’s blog to see which of Eileen’s photos were featured.