Cassava Production Resumed

For the first time in nearly 8 months Cassava bread is being produced at the factory in Carre.  The halt in production was primarily due to the low number of farmers involved in planting and harvesting yuca.  Although cassava bread has always been a part of the Haitian diet, many farmers around Thibeau had switched from yuca to other staple crops due to the lack of processing facilities for yuca.  Farmers needed a more reliable crop such as rice or soybean in order to guarantee income for their family.  Since the development of the iF Foundation sponsored cassava facility in the community, many farmers have returned to yuca production.  With the increase in awareness of a dependable local processing facility, farmers increased their yuca crop this season which is expected to have a direct impact on the production of cassava bread at the factory.

The production of cassava not only creates income for the manager and cooks at the site but the factory also allows local single mothers the chance to purchase cassava for resale in Cap Haitien.  These mothers have expressed unending gratitude for the chance to participate in this project so that they can send their children to school.

To learn more or contribute to this project visit the cassava factory page.