AMAR Travels to Haiti

On December 15th, the AMAR Haiti team will be on the ground in Thibeau to continue the development of their Goat Cooperative Breeding program.  Founders, Nikki Wright and Lisa Gretebeck will be joined by a fellow University of Pennsylvania Veterinary student, Megan Murray, on this 5 day trip.  Their main purpose for the visit is to continue research and development prior to the May 2013 launch of their project.   While this is Nikki’s third visit to Thibeau, Lisa and Megan will be seeing the facilities and meeting the community for the first time.  It will be a packed itinerary of data collection and in depth planning sessions.  After their visit to Thibeau the team will continue to Grenada where they will visit an operational goat dairy for further research.  Return after the holidays to get an update on AMAR Haiti’s trip.