Agricultural Research

Separating iF from other organization’s doing similar work

Research is an important component of the iF Foundation’s agricultural program in our catchment area. iF has three weather stations on the ground to track long-term climate trends supplemented by 20 pluviometers placed in different microclimate zones to measure differential rainfall. We have been mapping soil health and fertility (with USDA NCRS and the Sustainable Living Center at MUM) and testing nutrients and microbiology in our own lab. This data will help our farmers make better cropping decisions, minimize inherent agricultural risks and increase net revenue. A listing of completed and current/planned research projects is below. However, we also have some small “vanity projects” such as macadamia, Faidherbia albida (balazan tree), passion fruit and a pet project to test 16 varieties of hot pepper. For additional information on iF Foundation research projects please contact Dave Doherty

Completed Research

  1. Improved tilling and planting/land management
  2. Improved vegetable production (hot peppers, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, leeks)
  3. SRI rice (in collaboration with Cornell University SRI Institute)
  4. Alternative strategies for weed control (mulch, intercropping, mechanical – IFDC-Bangladesh, Sustainable Living Center at MUM, Oxfam America, NGVK-India)
  5. Optimizing post-harvest processes and milling for rice
  6. Yams – minisetting and variety selection
  7. Orange flesh sweet potatoes –multiplication and variety selection
  8. Poultry feed (in collaboration with Cornell University Department of Animal Sciences)
  9. Urea Deep Placement (with IFDC)
  10. Rhizobium inoculation in beans and peanuts
  11. High-density corn planting corn
  12. Peanut variety trials (with University of Georgia and Meds for Food and Kids)
  13. Vermiculture/compost tea (with MUM)
  14. Foliar disease in peanuts (with University of Georgia)

Ongoing or Planned Research

  1. Bio fortified rice, beans and yucca (with CIAT)
  2. Childhood nutrition (with Washington University)
  3. Regional water management (with University of Illinois)
  4. Increasing soil fertility (with USDA NRCS, MUM and Soil Biotics)
  5. Drip irrigation systems (with Toro)
  6. Tropical sweet corn (with Abbott & Cobb)