Southern Sudan – the birth of a new country and hope for the future

This past week a decision being worked on for years was finalized bringing to an end one of the worst humanitarian blood baths in all of recorded history.  The county of Sudan officially was politically divided into two, north and south.  As is the case so often throughout history the battle among the people of the north and south was due to religion.  In the Sudan we witnessed horror of a magnitude that is hard to imagine.  Between 2-4 million people in ths south, died in the mostly religious warfare.

This new day is proof positive that change can occur in even the bleakest and darkest of conflicts and disagreements; even those fueled by religious fervor.  And so we wake up this week with hope.  We wake up to the opportunity to make change and see a better day coming around the world.    When we are in the battle to make things better, we often do not see the results of our efforts.  We want our sacrifices to have immediate impact on a large scale.  We forget that before you can run you must walk.  Those of us who are parents remember well our joy when a baby pulls him or herself up by the coffee table, and then ventures out to take that  first and always unsuccessful walk.  First we let go of the coffee table, take one step, and crash, down goes baby.  But the human spirit is indefatigable.  Baby gets up and tries again.  One day, the problem is different, it becomes how to catch that little one who has places to go and things to see!

So in our moments of discouragement as people who want to make a difference, we would do well to remember the Sudan and every baby who risked it all to take those first important steps.

Congratulations Sudan, and may you now enjoy the peace you deserve so you can move on to more important concerns about making progress to improve the lives of your citizens.

Fr. B

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  1. Margaret Domashinski July 30, 2011 at 1:35 am #

    Father Byrum,
    Well said. May God bless South Sudan.DO you remember baptizing my daughters Gwynne and Grace. I am also Carolyn Bartkus’s sister. I am currently trying to raise money for an orphange in South Sudan, I am thinking it would be wonderful if perhaps I could get an entire diocese to sponser this orphange. Could the orphange be a candidate for the IF foundation’s mission? Do you have any ideas on how I can get this orphanage out there for the world to help?
    Thank you for all you do, and your comments about South Sudan.

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