We want to thank God for these first two flocks of broilers and especially for how God helped me to be patient with the birds. I ask that God in His love gives me more patience and dedication so that I can serve in the poultry farm.” >> read more >>

Claude, Poultry Farmer
Broiler site in Coronel, Haiti

For me, the breakfast program is a great program. It is a relief for all parents especially when they don’t have anything at home to feed their children before they go to school. We come in early in the morning, before sunrise to make sure that breakfast is ready for the students. The breakfast program helps everyone, parents and children. Many times, as the children arrive at school they come by the kitchen to see if breakfast has been prepared. I thank God for my job, the Breakfast Program and for the iF Foundation.” >> read more >>

Eugenie, Cook and Parent
St. Joseph’s Primary School – Dubre, Haiti

My dreams for Christ Vivant are to see it grow and for God to help our children understand and learn so that they can one day provide a brighter future for their families. The breakfast sandwiches will help the children focus and succeed.” >> read more >>

Dorisca, Teacher and Parent
Christ Vivant Primary School – Dubre, Haiti