World Vets and the iF Foundation – Working Together in Rural Haiti

This fall a team of 3 veterinarians and 2 vet students traveled to northern Haiti to provide guidance and advice for iF Foundation animal husbandry projects.  The team spent their mornings assisting with the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions for the animals of local farmers involved with iF Foundation projects.  The doctors compassionately treated cows, goats, pigs, donkeys and horses providing vaccinations, de-worming and training to the farmers and their local veterinarian.  In a country where healthcare for people is limited, most of the animals seen on this trip had never received medical treatment. The doctors also spent time on the iF foundation pig, rabbit and goat farms making recommendations for improved outcomes.  The goat farm in particular has hope of becoming a model goat farm for all of Haiti.  Two of the veterinarians from the United Kingdom, Drs. Ellie Milnes and Rob Kelly are working on a development plan to assist the goat farmers with their herd.  The plan includes recommendations for better quality nutrition, improved health initiatives, cross breeding and some simple changes to the fencing and pasture rotation, all leading to healthier goats.  World Vets has brought renewed hope to farmers who are struggling to improve their families’ livelihoods.

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