Technical Center Brings Hope to Farmer Beneficiaries

The iF Foundation’s Technical Center, located in Coronel, is fully functional and the hub of activity for this rural farming community in northern Haiti. The Center serves as the base for the organization’s operations and the center of all collaboration. The work being accomplished is having a direct impact on local farmers through economic development and vital research. Current economic programming includes a newly implemented farm credit program, a field extension program (iF has two agronomists and four agricultural technicians on staff), a nursery which is producing high value fruit trees and sigatoka-resistant plantains, a compost facility specializing in hot compost and vermiculture, an operational lab to study soil macronutrients, seed germination and aflatoxins, and on-going technical training for the farmer beneficiaries. Plans for 2015 are robust and include a commercial scale combined corn/rice mill and a seed production facility. Until Haiti can produce its own raw materials, the country will always rely on outside donations and product imports. Both a corn/rice mill and a seed production facility will elevate the capacity of the facility and give farming families the opportunity to be self sufficient.