SRI Intern Has Passion For Improving Rice Quality and Production

Zhoucen Feng, has been interning with the iF Foundation since October 2013. She brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to her work in the field including a passion for making a difference. Zhoucen is a Chinese national with a Master’s degree in sustainable agriculture from Cornell. She had a concentration in SRI rice cultivation as part of her graduate work. From October 2013 to December 2013, Zhoucen collected and analyzed harvest data from the first SRI pilot plots and trained iF Foundation technicians on the correct data collection methodology. She also designed and tested a new type of mobile device (cell phone and tablet) based data collection model. Zhocen will continue her work with the iF Foundation through 2014 with a focus on the design and implementation of another SRI pilot project in the village of Dubre, comparing the yield of SRI and the traditional rice cultivation methods, as well as the performance of different rice varieties under the two systems. Once the rice is harvested, Zhocen will conduct an experiment to explore the optimal rice grain moisture content at harvest and milling, in order to reduce the ratio of broken kernels after milling and to improve high head rice yield.