Peanut Farming Brings Hope to Area Farmers

Peanut farmers partnering with the iF Foundation recently gathered to discuss their outcomes, challenges and long-term goals for participation in the iF Agricultural Program. The farmers all agree that the main benefits of working with iF include collaboration and training. They are able to work together on land preparation and at harvest. One farmer shared with the group that before working with iF he thought his life was over. Now he feels like he has hope. He actually bought a cow for the first time in his life. He knows that his harvest will be sold at market for a fair price and now he can actually plan for the future. Peanuts are just one of 8 crops that the iF Foundation is producing through the Agricultural Program in partnership with local farmers. Peanut farmers in the area have been through 2 successful cycles; harvesting their crops and selling at market for a fair price. In addition to earning a small income, the farmers have been able to pay back their no interest farm credit loan to iF demonstrating a positive outcome with this group of farmers

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