Julina’s bakery is paid off after just one year!

Today, because of an initial investment from The iF Foundation, Julina’s bakery and catering business is able to provide a sustainable source of income for this hard working entrepreneur in Tema, Ghana. Julina was able to hire 6 workers to assist with baking and an additional 30 young women to sell her bread! Julina is providing a better way of life for her own family and an opportunity for those she is employing. Julina has paid back her loan IN FULL and is now working on plans to expand her business. The money originally loaned to Julina is now available to loan again to another group seeking a sustainable pathway out of poverty! Julina’s business is empowering her with the ability to create sustainable economic opportunity so she can provide a future for her children and create a pathway out of poverty for others in her community.

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