Julina and Susie Repay Loans Ahead of Schedule

As of September 2012 both bakeries in Ghana have fully repaid their loans ahead of schedule! This is Julina’s second successful loan repayment for her restaurant and bakery. Before the first iF Foundation loan was granted she had been forced to shut down her business. The first loan provided her with not only the capital to reopen her business but also a newfound hope for the future. Julina’s dreams for her business grew which led her to request a second loan to expand her operations. The expansion was approved and improved business evident by Julina’s ability to repay her loan 4 months ahead of schedule.

Susie also recently made her final payment on her bakery loan. Her dedication combined with her entrepreneurial skills helped her business succeed beyond her expectations. Susie has faithfully made payments and was able to pay back her loan 13 months early.

The success of these two bakeries can be attributed to the leadership of Julina and Susie. Their presence within their communities has created a beacon of hope and numerous job opportunities to other community members. They have trained young women and utilized basic business practices so that their businesses will continue to be successful. The repayment funds from these two bakeries can now be recycled into future projects in Ghana perpetuating the cycle of lifting others in the community out of poverty. Julina and Susie, congratulations from everyone here at the iF Foundation!