Haitian Pride Poultry Brings Jobs and Fresh, Local Chicken and Eggs to Thibeau

Thibeau is a rural community in northern Haiti without access to running water or electricity. This summer, the iF Foundation launched a new poultry business; Haitian Pride Poultry with two farm sites, one for layers (chickens that lay eggs) and one for broilers (chickens sold for their meat). The layer house is located in Larevoie and will initially house 300 hens, producing approximately 81,480 eggs in the first year. Approximately 1/3 of the eggs produced will be used for The Haitian Pride Breakfast Program.  This breakfast program is the first school breakfast program of its kind in Haiti.  The program provides a nutritious egg breakfast twice a week to the three hundred students attending Saint Joseph’s School in Dubre.

The broiler house is located in Coronel and will initially house 450 broilers. Broilers are sold at 7 weeks of age or when they reach five pounds.  As each flock of broilers is sold at market, the chicken coop is replenished with a new flock of broilers eventually reaching maximum capacity of 600 broilers. Haitian Pride Poultry is working with local merchants as well as the community to help improve the poultry and egg market in Thibeau.  Once the farm is established, any profit earned will be used to expand the facility and plan for the creation of replicable projects in other parts of northern Haiti.

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