Four local Farmers are hired to manage and oversee the day to day operations of the newly established Haitian Pride Poultry Farm

Haitian Pride Poultry will be managed by St. Martin Antonio a local farmer from Thibeau. Antonio has been chosen to manage the farm due to his dedication and loyalty shown to the iF Foundation and our efforts within the community. There are three additional workers assisting Antonio with the responsibilities at both the layer site in Larevoie and the broiler site in Coronel. As manager, Antonio is responsible for keeping records at the layer house and will also help with all of the daily tasks. Assisting Antoinio at the layer house is Rony Joseph. Like Antonio, Rony has also been volunteering with the iF Foundation volunteer group in Thibeau. Rony is responsible for the daily tasks such as collecting, cleaning, stamping and packaging eggs, providing fresh, clean water, maintaining feed supply, removing and discarding dead birds, cleaning houses, etc.

Claude Duvisien and Enan Chrispin are the new employees at the broiler house in Coronel and are responsible for providing fresh, clean water, maintaining feed supply, regulating broiler house temperature, removing and properly disposing of dead birds, cleaning the poultry house, etc. All four farmers have undergone intensive training through Haitian Broilers and are all expected to abide by strict bio-security measures to ensure the flocks stay healthy.

St. Martin Antonio
Antonio lives in Thibeau with his family. He has one son who is two years old. Antonio was the first volunteer and leader for the iF Foundation volunteer group. The volunteers call him King Christophe for his dynamic nature and ability to get things done.

Rony Joseph
Rony is 26 years old and has a 7 month old son. He has been volunteering with the iF Foundation for almost a year and is looking forward to having a steady job at Haitian pride Poultry.

Claude Duvisien
Claude is married with two children, an 8 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. He is 34 years old and lives in the village of Nan Leta, close to Thibeau. This is Claude’s first job opportunity and he is very grateful.

Enan Chrispin
Enan is 27 years old and lives with his family in Thibeau. He has a 9 year old son. Enan has volunteered in the past with the iF volunteer group, peeling yucca for the cassava mill. Enan is very excited about Haitian Pride Poultry and is very excited to be able to work in the broiler house.