Farmers Complete SRI Training

During the first part of June, the long awaited SRI Training came to the Coronel – Dubre region. The program was very successful despite heavy rains. Seventeen Haitians achieved Level 1 Training of Trainers status and eight farmers were recognized as SRI Growers. Five demonstration plots were planted in Coronel and Dubre as part of the training. The intense rain delayed planting the two large pilot fields (2.5 hectares) because the land was too wet to use the tractor. The two pilot plots will be planted later in June. The local community is energized and excited about the potential impact SRI techniques will have on local rice production. The System of Rice Intensification, better known as SRI is a method of growing rice that increases yields and reduces inputs. By reducing the amount of seed, water, chemical fertilizers and labor needed, SRI produces greater returns to farmers’ available resources and can lower production costs. This increases farmers’ incomes and increases the profitability of rice farming. The SRI method can also be used for growing other crops like sugar cane. Learn more about the SRI method of growing rice.

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