Empowering Young Haitians to Improve Local Economies

Philomene was born and raised in Thibeau and as a young girl dreamed of becoming a chef. After graduating from high school, Philomene attended culinary school at L’Ecole Professionelle Banc du Nord in Cap Haitien. She then returned to Thibeau, hoping to find a job where she could practice her culinary skills. JM Restaurant, an iF Foundation supported business and the only restaurant in Thibeau, had recently opened and was in need of a head chef. Philomene impressed the manager with her delicious recipes and now JM Restaurant is experiencing terrific success, serving mouthwatering meals. Very often, young people leave their rural villages in pursuit of finding employment in a bigger city. Unfortunately, many times what they discover is overcrowding, extreme poverty and sometimes must even resort to living on the streets. Philomene, because she was able to find employment in her hometown is now able to support herself, have a positive impact on the local economy and dream of raising her own children in the same village where she was born.

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