Cassava factory and yucca mill offer jobs and hope

Patrick and his neighbors have always dreamed of having a cassava factory with a yucca mill in their local community. Thanks to a partnership with the iF Foundation, the village of Carre has a cassava factory where local farmers can bring their yucca to be milled and then baked into cassava. Patrick is the main operator for the yucca mill, which grinds the yucca into flour to be used for cassava, a type of bread enjoyed by local Haitians. Patrick’s dedication and hard work are exemplified by the high quality of the cassava being produced. Farmers needing to mill yucca and women purchasing cassava from the factory for re-sale agree that Carre’s factory produces the best quality product in northern Haiti. Patrick receives a small salary for operating the mill enabling him to provide education, healthcare and better nutrition for his six children. Altagrace, a single mother of three school age children and local cassava vendor is a regular client of the cassava factory. Before the factory opened, Altagrace had to travel many miles to purchase cassava and any profit that she earned was used to pay for transportation. Now, Altagrace purchases all of her cassava from one location enabling her to use the small profit she is earning to pay for her children’s school tuition. She has even started building a small three room house for her family.

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