California high school student uses her passion and talent for art to improve lives in rural Haiti

Elyssa is no ordinary high school student.  A junior at Oak Ridge High School, in El Dorado Hills, Elyssa has a passion for drawing.  When she was fourteen, she had her first commission which led to other opportunities to earn money from the sale of her artwork.  Elyssa was introduced to the iF Foundation by her French teacher, Kathy Colvin and decided almost immediately that she wanted to contribute the money she earned to the Haitian Pride Poultry Farm and Haitian Pride Breakfast Program.  “when French 3 rolled around at the beginning of my junior year, I knew I wanted to contribute to the poultry farm and breakfast program that Mrs. Colvin taught us about in school. I realized that my art was a perfect way to do what I love, while also contribute to a cause that changes the lives of ordinary people like you and me. I could help provide them with the basic essentials that I am lucky enough to have and often forget that others are sadly deprived of having. The fact that they live half way around the world shouldn’t be used as an excuse to forget about them”. Elyssa is an inspiration and a great example of how one person really can make a difference in the lives of others.  All of us at the iF Foundation, and especially the families in Haiti who are struggling to create a pathway out of poverty, are grateful for our partnership with Kathy Colvin and her amazing French 3 high school students.

Mèsi Anpil!