Be Inspired

It’s true that volunteering is part of the American culture. In Haiti, where people struggle to find employment, volunteerism is uncommon. In Thibeau, 20 local, young Haitians are volunteering their own time in support of iF Foundation projects. The group is providing critical manpower in order to support economic development in their community. The volunteers work day and night peeling yucca for the cassava factory and harvesting vegetables from a local farm used to feed area pigs, goats and rabbits – all part of iF Foundation animal husbandry projects. The group also helps with special projects when needed.  Often, the group of volunteers serves as a resource of future employees from which the iF Foundation hires future workers.  The volunteers are using skills to improve the community of Thibeau while gaining an increased sense of self worth and respect from their neighbors.  Edlyne Cange and Magnus Regis, iF Foundation Country Directors in Haiti meet with the group on a regular basis to discuss additional ways they can assist with projects, train them with additional skills and most importantly, thank them for their support!  The group’s close-knit relationship carries over into their free time too.  The volunteers have organized an iF Foundation soccer team with a record of 7 wins out of 8 games!  This is a great example of a group of young people working hard and playing hard towards a common goal, to improve livelihoods for families in the community of Thibeau.