$28,000 of loan repayments recycled for second generation loans

Ghana, located in western Africa bordering the Gulf of Guinea between Cote D’Ivoire and Togo has an estimated population of almost 24 million. Even though the country has continued to make great strides in development and poverty reduction, 70% of the people still live on less than one dollar a day. The iF Foundation is currently supporting 15 projects; 7 of which are still in the development phase. Many iF projects in Ghana work to empower the subsistence farmer improving their ability to feed their own families and to earn a living. Commerce centered projects empower local Ghanaians to manufacture and sell hand-made products at the local market. It is rewarding to work in Ghana because investors can re-invest their original investment dollars fairly quickly, building increased job opportunity. This is primarily due to the stable infrastructure and commitment of our community partners. New projects for 2012 include a rice mill and women’s commerce in Akrusu Saisi, a bakery in Accra and an expansion of the existing batik tie dye project. Ghana still faces huge challenges but with hard work and committed partners, families living in rural Ghana can be empowered to create healthier livelihoods and look forward to a brighter future.

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