Happy New Year!

Time waits for no one.  The ball in Times Square is about to drop again, signifying that we are all another year older on our journey and march towards eternity in a transformed and different realm of being.  My mom just turned 97, I just turned 65 and qualified for Medicare.  How can that be?  It seems I was just starting out in life, no tell me it is not so, Medicare?  But it is so.  By body tells me it is so. I raked leaves  Christmas day morning and I am sore this morning.  It must then be true.  I guess I should give up on my dream of pitching for the Detroit Tigers.

The New Year is a time for each of us to reflect on where we are today and measure it against where we want to go in the New Year.  I have never been sold on New Year’s resolutions, because they usually become just painful reminders that “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”.   That notwithstanding, with age comes wisdom!  Now I do not set a goal of losing 20 pounds, I set a goal not to gain 20 pounds in the New Year <g>.   It helps ones self esteem when you can actually have the hope of keeping  your resolution.  You just alter your expectations to be more realistic.  And while most New Years resolutions are about changing what is, I have a suggestion.  Make a resolution to do something entirely new in the New Year.  I highly recommend taking on something wonderful, like volunteering in a hospital.  We are happiest when we are spending our time helping others.

As the old year passes into the next, I want to thank so many of you for your interest and support of the iF Foundation this past year.  It has been an exciting one for us as we launched Haitian Pride Poultry and it has been very special to see the enthusiasm, the jobs created, and especially the children at St. Joseph’s school receiving the nutrition and energy boost they receive twice a week from our breakfast.  This could only be possible with your support.   The school held a meeting for the parents of the school children.  At that meeting they were asked about what the breakfast program meant to them.  They said words cannot describe it and they hope it does not go away, but expands to 5 days a week.   They were so grateful for it.

The staff of the iF Foundation wishes you a blessed, healthy and happy New Year.  We cannot prevent the years mounting up, but we can stay young in heart and enjoy the gift of time we are given.  May it be so for you this New Year.

Fr. B

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