Ghana update

We recently returned from a trip to  Ghana to see our projects that were started 1-2 years ago.  I am very pleased to report that the iF Foundation has experienced wonderful blessings and our projects are blossoming and expanding.  The groups who borrowed money to get started are all paying back their loans well ahead of schedule.  We now have the capacity to fund new projects from the money we loaned only a year or two ago that has been returned to us.  It is a dream come true for the people of Ghana and also for the iF Foundation.  It is both exciting and humbling to know that a small amount of money can do so much, and provide opportinities over and over again.  

We were interviewed on several radio stations telling the people about the way we work and why we work that way.   This is making the iF Foundation much better known in Ghana.  We are receiving more and more calls inquiring about what we can do and requesting our presence to explore new projects in Ghana.   Isaiah Amissah Addison, our Ghanaian Country Director, filters them by seeking out for consideration first,  proposals from “the poorest of the poor”.  It is good that those so often with no voice in societal structures are finding a voice that cares.  Isaiah has worked very hard to make our work in Ghana a success.  Thank you Isaiah for your efforts and heart for the people of Ghana.  Thank you Isaiah for your wisdom and good judgement.

One of the great advantages that we have in Ghana is we are recognized and well known in the high places of the Ghanaian government.  We work closely with the Honorable Stephen Amoanor Kwao, Minister of State.  The honorable Stephen is 4th in line/succession to the Presidency.  He was born and raised in Akrusu Saisi, the small fishing village on Lake Volta, that we have supported by providing 4 fishing boats, built a bore hole well so they will have clean water to drink, and made a commitment while there on this trip to provide a community KVIP toilet facility for sanitation.  In addition they are having a higher vision for their community.  They are seeking a new loan for rice milling and also a machine to crack palm nuts so oil can be produced.    The women of Akrusu Saisi are grouping themselves by five women per group to seek loans to enable commerce, the buying and selling of staples purchased in Tema and sold to the local households of Akrusu Saisi, saving the women of the village from the expense of a trip to Tema.

Our work in Akrusu Saisi is one example of several communities in Ghana that the iF Foundation is transforming.  Thank you to all who are providing us with the financial resources to bring hope and a better life to Ghana.

The Rev. Canon James E. Byrum

Managing Director, the iF Foundation

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  1. brett culp September 7, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    Loved reading this update. Your efforts are a great blessing to so many! Thanks for the incredible work your team is doing all over the world.

    • fatherB November 29, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

      Thanks Brett hope all is well with you and the remarkable work you do to make special moments special for people

  2. O.martins October 19, 2011 at 6:32 am #

    I have heard of this guy and the wonderful job he has been doing in Ghana he is a faithful person and loved by many God bless His work

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