Excitement at the iF Foundation

At the end of May, after 7 years of blessings serving as the Managing Director of the iF Foundation, I will be retiring.  To have had the privilege of serving the beautiful people of Haiti and Ghana is an experience I will cherish and never forget.  I have learned so much from the economically poor, but spiritually rich,  about what it means to have true dignity and joy.  Dignity does not depend on the circumstances we are born into.  Dignity is about knowing your life has worth and meaning; that you are somebody and can bless this world with your gifts and presence.    True happiness comes from being satisfied with what we have, no matter how little that may be;  and to know that it is people who matter, not the accumulation of things.  To learn to share what we have with those less fortunate, and to treat every single person with love and graciousness, is what makes life rich.  I know so many people who have such anger and even  hatred for people who have wounded them, and they carry it around with them.  Hatred imprisons the soul, and robs us of our joy and dignity.  Every day is a new day, a day to smile and experience the joy of loving and sacrificing for others.  In lifting others up, we really end up lifting ourselves up to a new place.

While there will be an official announcement soon, we have been incredibly blessed to find a dynamic new leader to take the work of the iF Foundation to new heights in the years ahead.  David Doherty has accepted the mantle of leadership for the iF Foundation.  David has worked and lived in Haiti for the past 10 years as a consultant vetting hundreds of NGO’s working there.  His knowledge and  qualifications to make Mr. Iovino’s dream of providing families in Haiti with  economic opportunity and development are unlimited.   I have no doubt that the iF Foundation will be doing great things in the years ahead.

So I close with thanksgiving to God.  He has led us to David.  Good things happen for a purpose.  In the fullness of time, is a wonderful Biblical phrase that means simply when the timing was  just perfect, God sent the right person to lead.  So let us all who love the iF Foundation give thanks.  To all of you who have supported us, I thank you for making this day possible.

Fr. B

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