Chickens and Children

The iF Foundation is just about ready to begin an exciting new humanitarian/business venture in Haiti.  We are going into the chicken raising business.  We are doing this with a two fold purpose and goal in mind.  First, the chickens will provide several much needed jobs for those who work the poultry farm.   A second aspect is we plan on taking the eggs and implementing a program of feeding school children a nourishing breakfast before school starts.  The children will benefit greatly from the nourishment of the protein found in eggs. Most Haitians do not have much food on their tables.  Sadly most of the food they do eat is lacking in protein.   As we all know many children in Haiti go hungry because their parents have no jobs.  So this project will be doubly special; providing both jobs and food, income and nourishment.

Along with these benefits, we are planning for the first time in Haiti to use the money to fund this program that has been repaid by the groups we have already loaned money to.  So for the first time in Haiti, we are “recycling” the money you our supporters have already provided.  You will directly be helping support both the families employed and the school children who will have a good meal.

This makes this project particularly joyful for the iF Foundation and I simply want to thank all of you for your interest and generosity.  Without you these children would continue to go to school hungry.  I hope this gives you great joy and satisfaction. 

We will be updating you on our progress, and thanks again for making a difference with your life.

Fr. B

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