Chickens and Children in Haiti – An update!

For the past several months the iF Foundation has been hard at work to plan for the launch of our chicken and breakfast for school children program in Haiti.  We have completed the building of our two chicken coops (one for layers and one for broilers)  We are ordering the nests, the feeders, the water containers, the feed and the excitement is building for us.  We will receive our birds in early August and hopefully begin to feed school children in September.  The eggs and chickens are part of our brand name in Haiti – “Haitian Pride”

This is exciting on so many levels.  First we will supply eggs and chicken meat that were born and bred in Haiti.  Most of the chickens and eggs come from the Dominican Republic and the products that come across the border are not fresh.  Eggs and chicken meat are one of the staples of the food supply in Haiti, for those who can afford them.  The iF Foundation wants to build the Haitian economy, not see Haitian gourdes (the monetary currency) going to the DR.  So one of our goals will be achieved: to see Haitians employed and money being exchanged among Haitians!

But even more exciting to me is that we will be setting aside some of the eggs produced in order to feedbreakfast to school children in Haiti.  Starting the day with breakfast consisting of eggs, cassava and bread will enable the children to start the day with something nutritious.  I have no doubt that they will be much more able to concentrate on their learning without having to worry about being hungry.  I have been told that there are no schools in Haiti that provide breakfast to their students and that children in Haiti do not eat breakfast at home in the morning because they cannot afford it.  They have to wait for lunch, which most schools do provide as part of the tuition families must pay for the privilege of an education for their children.

We already have a school in California who are wanting to help us by contributing to the cost of this free breakfast program for school children, and I suspect there are many other schools, girls and boy scout troops, youth groups and church and synagogue organizations, etc. who might want to do the same.  More information will be forthcoming on how you can help us in our efforts to accomplish our goal of providing jobs for Haitians, keeping the limited amount of expendable money within the borders of Haiti, and enabling school children to have a breakfast so that their day starts on the right foot.  Haitian Pride is something we will continue to make possible with the programs of the iF Foundation.

Though it has taken a long time to prepare for this program, the benefits will soon be manifest.  We will keep you posted and thanks for your interest in helping us improve the vineyard we are blessed to work in.

Fr. B

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  1. Aranka June 22, 2012 at 3:22 am #

    great stuff Jeremy. I am so glad you went and had an incredible time. Continue to joeurny through your thoughts and emotions and continue to pray for Haiti. This is going to be a long, long road to recovery. But, with enough support and prayer, Haiti can be rebuilt and restored into something beautiful.

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