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Excitement at the iF Foundation

At the end of May, after 7 years of blessings serving as the Managing Director of the iF Foundation, I will be retiring.  To have had the privilege of serving the beautiful people of Haiti and Ghana is an experience I will cherish and never forget.  I have learned so much from the economically poor, [...]

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Breakfast Program means kids go to school

This morning the iF Foundation started feeding school children a nourishing egg sandwich breakfast at our second school in Haiti., the Ecole Christ Vivant de Dubre.   It is a day to celebrate and give thanks.  It is especially a day to thank those of you who have supported our work over the recent holidays [...]

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Happy New Year!

Time waits for no one.  The ball in Times Square is about to drop again, signifying that we are all another year older on our journey and march towards eternity in a transformed and different realm of being.  My mom just turned 97, I just turned 65 and qualified for Medicare.  How can that be? [...]

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The slaughter of the holy innocents

It has happened again.  The horror burst upon us all like a thief in the night;  like it must have felt to parents 2,000 years ago when Herod decreed that all male babies must die to put to death the threat of a supposed rival king.  On Friday, in the blink of an eye,  20 [...]

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blessings to you and yours

December is a month when we all are forced to look at our lives from the perspective of the cultural pressures of the holidays.  We are told it is “the most wonderful time of the year”, as Johnny Mathis sings so beautifully (am I old or what?).  For some, who have people to give their [...]

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charity and investment, is the picture really that clear?

“Charity” has become a less than honorable word of late in the NGO world.  I understand that “giving” someone something risks the danger of creating dependency. while the better gift is providing the resources for  people to use their own skills, ingenuity and strength to enable them to pull themselves up from poverty through  their own hard work.  But in our [...]

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rhetoric and realness

Are you all as sick of the current  election rhetoric and lack of civility as I am?  The older I get the sadder I become about the election process and what it does to people.  In both political parties the people behind the scenes running the campaigns sink to such depths and distortion.  The personal attacks on one another are beneath the dignity [...]

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We are connected

The Byrum family has had two cats, for over a decade.  Vinnie, who we got though the animal shelter as a kitten, and Squeaker who we took in when an elderly woman in a neighboring church had to go into a nursing home and could not take her beloved cat with her.  Vinnie was 14 and [...]

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Harsh Realities – Life is hard!

Life is hard.  TV advertising would have us believe that if we only purchase this car, go on that vacation, take this little pill, eat this way, we will sail through life unscathed.  It does not work that way.  Life is full of disappointments, some small,  like Adam Scott blowing a 4 shot lead on the last [...]

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A good dilemma

As you may know from Eileen’s “update from the field” news article, we sold our 100 chickens in 3 days.  To be able to provide fresh chickens to Haitians that were not bred and raised in the Dominican Republic (frozen chicken parts) was a happy day for the iFFoundation.  The desire among the local community [...]

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