Candles and Light

Among the first words of the Old Testament are God’s summoning of the creation itself with those powerful words:  “Let there be Light”.  Without “light”, there can be no “life”.  Without light we cannot see what lies ahead of us.  In a room completely devoid of any source of light, you can not navigate without bumping into furniture.

In Haiti, where most people live without electricity, a candle is a prized possession.  Children who are lucky enough to be in school use it to do their studies and reading, and family gatherings at night require candlelight.   The if Foundation has a group that is producing and selling candles.  There is a demand for the product; next to food for the table candles are a necessity even if for some also a luxury.  Not everyone can afford them, but candles are important to have on the list of life’s priorities.

Most of the candles used in Haiti actually come from the DR, and the quality is not great.  Our candles burn longer even though they are shorter to the eye and not as popular as the candles from the DR.  We are currently hoping to scale up our candle making business.  A new candle making machine is being shipped from China.  If by God’s grace we clear customs without being financially hijacked, we should be able to greatly scale up our candle making business providing jobs and opportunity for families to put food on the table,  and yes, candles as well.

So we are excited to know that a potentially important business is shaping up through the iF Foundation.  Thanks for your support, we will keep you posted.  When you light a candle on your dinner table, remember that candle is something we light for ambiance; the people of Haiti light candles for the blessing of  the “light shining in the midst of darkness”.

The Rev. Canon James E. Byrum

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  1. Marilyn July 9, 2011 at 7:45 am #

    You are in our prayers!!

    • fatherB July 18, 2011 at 10:35 am #

      Dear Marilyn,

      Thanks so much for keeping me and our work and the people of Haiti and Ghana in your prayers. Your faithfulness in holding us up in your prayers is a wonderful encouragement and gift. I hope your summer is a blessing to you and that you can slow down and take time to smell the roses (or coffee!)

      Fr. Byrum

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