Breakfast Program means kids go to school

This morning the iF Foundation started feeding school children a nourishing egg sandwich breakfast at our second school in Haiti., the Ecole Christ Vivant de Dubre.   It is a day to celebrate and give thanks.  It is especially a day to thank those of you who have supported our work over the recent holidays to make this possible.  I wanted to share an excerpt from the note concerning this start up from Edlyne Cange and Jean Magnus Regis, our Country Directors in Haiti.  They met with the principal of the new school and write:

“There are a total of 115 children at the school.  However the principal  said that because the kids are hungry, they don’t come to school.  Only 70 children currently attend school.   He is hoping that with the egg sandwiches, the rest of the kids are going to come to school…. Serge said that it is the poorest children from the area that go to that school because their parents cannot afford otherwise.  This expansion is going to be a blessing for these kids”

When I read this, I was both deeply grateful and deeply wounded.  Is it really possible that the children do not come to school to learn simply because they are hungry?  Such a reality is heart breaking and beyond my comprehension.   So could this really mean that  if we can afford to provide school children in Haiti a simple egg sandwich,  it could actually have the effect of bringing children who need to be educated back to school?  What a special gift that would be for them, and for all of us who care about kids who have all the odds against them, and not a lot of hope for their futures.  It makes me committed to doing more to help prevent kids from dropping out of school simply because they are hungry.

Thanks for your kindness and generosity in making our work possible and for giving the kids in Haiti a slightly more level playing field.  As the iconic saying goes:  ”A mind is a terrible thing to waste”.   May we continue to find ways to bless the children of Haiti.

The Rev. Canon James E. Byrum

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  1. Eileen February 4, 2013 at 1:13 pm #

    beautifully written

  2. Georgette Schmidt March 3, 2013 at 8:18 pm #

    It is wonderful that the iF Foundation has expanded the breakfast program to another school in Dubré! Education is the base of development! You are supporting education by feeding the children early in the day so they can concentrate on their studies. I applaud your efforts and will spread the word to other French teachers and ask them to support your breakfast program.

    Georgette Schmidt
    French teacher

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