Drip Irrigation, A Promising Future For iF Foundation’s Beneficiary Farmers

Whatever one’s opinion of climate science, the effects of global warming are directly impacting Haitian farmers in a negative way. For the past three years, we have experienced long periods of drought even during seasons that have never known an issue with rainfall. In an ironic coincidence, the period of drought began in 2013 when [...]

Breakfast Program Expands to Eleven Schools

Launched in 2012, the Breakfast Program began by serving breakfast to 310 children two days a week at Saint Joseph’s School in Dubre. Today, thanks to your support, the Program serves breakfast to 2,335 children at eleven schools, five days a week, during the school year. The Program is the philanthropic arm of the organization’s [...]

Celebrating the People of Haiti

Accomplished photographer, Emmanuel Andre, collaborates with talented designer, Mimi Plange, to create extraordinary portraits of the iF Foundation’s beneficiaries. The primary goal of the collaboration is to bring a sense of vibrant colorful energy to showcase the beauty of each individual, while displaying the rich details of Andre’s black and white photography. Meet iF’s Beneficiaries [...]

Improving Agricultural Value Chains

Partner Spotlight – Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth – First-Year Project This spring, a team of five dedicated students from the Tuck School of Business committed to working with the iF Foundation through Tuck’s First-Year Project course The First-Year Project course (FYP) offers Tuck students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to real world [...]

Working to deliver higher impact

During the first planting season of 2016, 520 farmers are expected to register with the iF Foundation’s agricultural program to produce groundnuts, rice and corn. Different from the 2015 planting seasons, iF will be providing technical support to groups of farmers (10-15) as opposed to individual farmers. This strategy will enable the program to deliver [...]

Breakfast Program Expands to Seven Schools

The Haitian Pride Breakfast Program just completed its third year of operation and thanks to generous philanthropic partners, it has expanded this year and is now providing breakfast to 1,510 children at seven schools, five days per week. On a recent trip to Haiti, Tom Iovino and several iF Foundation supporters were able to see [...]

Experience The Joy Of Giving

Peanut Farming Brings Hope to Area Farmers

Peanut farmers partnering with the iF Foundation recently gathered to discuss their outcomes, challenges and long-term goals for participation in the iF Agricultural Program. The farmers all agree that the main benefits of working with iF include collaboration and training. They are able to work together on land preparation and at harvest. One farmer shared [...]

The Breakfast Program Provides Nutrition for Haitian School Children

The Haitian Pride Breakfast Program is the iF Foundation’s philanthropic outreach program to the communities we serve in northern Haiti. The program, operating at full capacity, serves breakfast to children at seven primary schools in the area where we have community partnerships. The program operates five days a week at St. Joseph’s, Immaculee, Baptiste Bordes, [...]

New Skills and Resources Empower Haitian Farmers

Nine farmers employed by the iF Foundation traveled to Camp Perrin for specialized training in grafting and minisetting. These techniques along with access to farm credit and continued technical support are empowering local farmers in northern Haiti to work even harder with the hope of a brighter future for their families. In addition, the farmers [...]