512 Migrants looking for refuge in the USA

in Mexico, the police authorities just caught two semi-trailer trucks with 512 migrants trying to get into the USA.  Included among them were about 40 women and children.  Can you even imagine 512 people in two trucks? Most Americans realize how great our country is, but we do not realize how desperate most of the people in the world are.  Perhaps it is too painful to think about.  And to see others pain and do nothing to alleviate it creates a burden we would rather not deal with.  We are so preoccupied with our own issues, challenges and struggles.  We have enough on our own plates!   We do know, and need to always remember  that our life style is the envy of so many in the world who live without any economic opportunity in their homeland.  So they try to come and will risk everything to do so.

One of the 512 who was interviewed said he would endure this high risk trafficking (no water, extreme heat, fears of death at the hands of Mexican drug lords) and pay the $7,000 fee that the migrant smugglers extract for the privilege of possible death on the road, for the chance to have a job and future in America.

A job.  All he wanted was a chance to work.  This is what the iF Foundation does in Haiti and Ghana.  We provide opportunity and jobs.  People do not want to leave their home country and their families, but they have to.  They want to be able to eat.  Without a job to provide, you have no dignity and it becomes all too easy to turn to crime.

Consider joining the iF Foundation by making a small gift to help us create jobs and opportunities in the countries of Haiti and Ghana.  It is so very sad that people feel they have to risk their lives to leave their countries.  Help us help them to have their own  home in the countries of their birth. 

This week, the immigration authorities in the USA granted Haitians displaced by the earthquake the right to have temporary privileges to remain in the USA.  The author concluded the news story by saying this was a victory celebrated by the Haitians in the USA.  But the sober ending of his story was this:  The authorities feared countless Haitians would now drown in small unstable boats trying to cross the seas to take advantage of this window of a life in the USA.  Isn’t it time we helped create the jobs and opportunities that would make such a dangerous journey unnecessary?
The Rev. Canon James E. Byrum

Managing Director, the iF Foundation

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  1. Eileen May 19, 2011 at 8:44 am #

    Well said. Already posted your blog on FB

  2. Stone July 3, 2011 at 2:57 am #

    Ya learn sometnhig new everyday. It’s true I guess!

    • fatherB July 7, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

      Dear Stone,

      So many sad things in this world, but what people will go through to try and reach America is both inspiring and tragic. Thanks for your reply I appreciate your taking time to do so.

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